Welcome to the online home of MamaZing and MudWood!       

   Follow our Instagram at mamazingmudwood or FB MamaZing Kombucha page for more frequent updates.  Or check in here on the website for more occasional updates and exclusive offerings.  Newsletter blog is coming soon!

       Our online shop is growing!  As is our MamaZing Apothecary and MudWood Art Gallery.  Feel free to contact us directly with any queries.  If you are in New Zealand, visit us at The Old Packhouse in the Bay of Islands on the weekends for the full shop and gallery. Or at Kaitaia Market on Saturdays for our condensed shop.  Order online or through email.  Couriers are delivering around New Zealand, but expect packages to take longer than usual.     

    Be well out there!  Keep those immune systems strong!  And be kind, as this is a time for extra kindness and compassion for each other.     

Plant Friends Memory Card game is out now!  See the link below.

                 Wishing you all well!  Health and Zing,  Amira and Jo and the MamaZing team

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MamaZing Shop
Find your MamaZing Kombucha, Mushrooms and anything else we have available here!
MudWood Natural Living and Creativity Centre
Our Manifest

Follow our Journey!

Keep updated on the MamaZing MudWood MagicLand happenings!

Spirit Festival

This week at Spirit Festival, MudWood and MamaZing! At Kumeu Showgrounds Thursday through Sunday. Join us for a great gathering of spirit, music, dance, and creations. 

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Plant Friends Memory Card Game!

Plant Friends Memory Card Game is here!  Created by Amira Mudfaery MudWood.  18 of her plant illustrations are featured in a game fun for all ages!  Great for learning...

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Blog is coming! New MudWood family members have arrived!

We are working on our daily Blogging and will be starting in December with recipes, exciting and inspiring information, photos and more! At the moment we are busy with...

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MamaZing Mushroom Potions!

Updated MamaZing Mushroom Potion blends have just gone into the website shop! Potent medicinal Mushroom extract powders. Certified Organic, carefully sourced, and hand blended by us here at MamaZing....

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October News

Has been awhile since our last update due to internet issues and time lack. MamaZing has had some major growth spurts the past few months. And many changes! The...

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Amira MudWood

Amira MudWood

Creative Being, Bardess, Visionary, Manifestor, Co-Creator MudWood and mamaZing, Co-Director, Creative Artist, Musician, SCOBY Mama, Alchemist, Sourcerer Extraordinaire, Designer of Labels and Webstuff, Marketing Faery, Herbalist, Teacher, Communications and Organisation Attemptress, KBANZ Founder, Plant Friends Creator, Sculptor of Earth, Nature Spirit, Tree Hugger, MamaZing Drinker, Mushroom Lover, MudFaery
Jo MudWood

Jo MudWood

Creative Being, Bard, Visionary, Manifestor, Artist, Co-Creator MudWood & MamaZing, Co-Director, Barrel Papa, Innovations Wizard, Liquids Movement Magician, Reluctant Bean Counter, Recycling Maestro, RoundHouse Builder and Wiggly Wood Worker, Nature Spirit, Tree Hugger, MamaZing Drinker, Mushroom Lover, Wood Faery


Head Flopper
OopDiddly, our official box inspector, is the Head Flopper at MamaZing MudWood. He can be found flopped in boxes, baskets, and on any surface he deems floppable. When not flopping, OopDiddly is head of pest control.


Kaloo is our prime snuzzler and reminder of important things in life. Mama supreme. Also, main Kombuchery patrol and security.
Bearafino, Bazoona, and KooNui

Bearafino, Bazoona, and KooNui

Kaloo's wonder kittens. Training up for Kombuchery patrol, pest control, and snuzzling. Professional snoozers. Endless entertainment.
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