Welcome to the online home of MamaZing and MudWood.       

   We are sending love and compassion to the world and hope you are all well out there. 

   MamaZing is flowing and going through transitions at this time.  These times call for adaptation.  We are working to create a more sustainable way of living and in these uncertain times.

  Check out our CrowdFunding page below for information on how to contribute to the MamaZing MudWood MagicLand mission. 

 Thank you to all who have supported this cause and who will become part of this movement!  The donations and offerings have been immense and continue.  If you would like to make a monthly donation, contact us.

   Follow our instagram or FB page for updates.  Or check in here on the website.  Newsletter blog is coming soon!

       Our online shop is growing!  Feel free to contact us directly with any queries.  Order online or through email.  Couriers are delivering around New Zealand, but expect packages to take longer than usual.     

    Be well out there!  Keep those immune systems strong!  And be kind, as this is a time for extra kindness and compassion for each other.     

                 Wishing you all well out there.  Health and Zing,  Amira and Jo and the MamaZing team

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Follow our Journey!

Keep updated on the MamaZing MudWood MagicLand happenings!

MagicLand is settling!

We have been blown away by the support we have received for this. Some donations came in to our crowdfunding, and one very generous donor offered a loan to...

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Exciting Happenings!

       Here at MudWood MagicLand, a MamaZing tribe has been forming. During this time of Free Up, (lockdown as the government calls it), we have been living cooperatively on...

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Asking the People Who Care

If we don’t ask, we never receive the answer. We are asking for HELP. The land that we brew and bottle MamaZing Kombucha on, that we get our beautiful...

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MamaZing at Spirit!

MamaZing Kombucha will be at NZ Spirit Festival this week at Tanglewood in Auckland. Come on out and see us there! No MudWood music this time, unfortunately. But plenty...

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MudWood & MamaZing at Voices of Sacred Earth this weekend!

This weekend, MamaZing MudWood is at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival at Kawai Purapura in Auckland!  MamaZing Kombucha is flowing. MudWood music Saturday night at 7:30pm.  Come on out...

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Amira MudWood

Amira MudWood

Creative Being, Bardess, Visionary, Manifestor, Co-Creator MudWood and mamaZing, Co-Director, Creative Artist, Musician, SCOBY Mama, Alchemist, Sourcerer Extraordinaire, Designer of Labels and Webstuff, Marketing Faery, Herbalist, Teacher, Communications and Organisation Attemptress, KBANZ Founder, Plant Friends Creator, Sculptor of Earth, Nature Spirit, Tree Hugger, MamaZing Drinker, Mushroom Lover, MudFaery
Jo MudWood

Jo MudWood

Creative Being, Bard, Visionary, Manifestor, Artist, Co-Creator MudWood & MamaZing, Co-Director, Barrel Papa, Innovations Wizard, Liquids Movement Magician, Reluctant Bean Counter, Recycling Maestro, RoundHouse Builder and Wiggly Wood Worker, Nature Spirit, Tree Hugger, MamaZing Drinker, Mushroom Lover, Wood Faery
MamaZing Earth Tribe

MamaZing Earth Tribe

MamaZing Team
This is the newly formed MamaZing Earth Tribe collective. More information coming about each. Anakayla, Sophie, Amira, Jo, Helena, Oliver, and Ines.
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