Lion’s Mane


A Hero for the brain and nervous system!

An excellent focus and concentration aide.

Helps to repair gut lining and nerve damage.

Lion’s Mane is a wonderful friend in these times.


Stimulates Brain Cell Growth, Memory, Ulcers and Digestion, Concentration,
Nerve Damage repair, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer Cell repair, Toxic Peptide
Inhibitor, Immune System, Antioxidant, Protects from Alzheimer’s and
Dementia, Promotes Nerve Growth, Reduces Inflammation, Colitis and
Chron’s Disease, Decreases Rate of Blood Clotting, Reduces Risk of
Heart Disease, Intestinal Health, Improves Blood Sugar Control,
Slows Tumour Growth and Exterminates Cancer Cells


Available in 60gr resealable, reusable pouches.

Shipping is included


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